Touring the French Alps in a F-Type SVR with F1 Driver Romain Grosjean

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The winding roads of the French Alps are calling out your name. Why are you not driving F-Type SVR in the Alps right now?

In life there are winners and losers. Sorry kids, but there are no participation awards in the business world. If you are a winner you get paid the big bucks and you drive a Jag. If you don’t, then when you become a one, go buy a Jag. In particular, you should buy a Jaguar F-Type SVR. Why? Well, you want everyone to know your a winner and with the SVR they can hear you coming. It is so loud, they can probably hear you the from the other side of the Alps. When they hear you coming and they seen your beautiful SVR, then they know your the boss. In this short film, Jaguar took driver from the highest level of motorsports in the world(#winning) and had him drive around the Alps.

jaguar f-type svr

Formula One driver Romain Grosjean has been a fan of Jaguar since he was eight years old. The Group C Jaguar XJR in the SilkCut livery drew his attention to motorsports and it has not let go. “I love looking at the car, trying to understand the aero-dynamics aspects of it. That’s why I love the Jaguar, as you can see the design makes sense. The F-type is a beautiful car.” Romain Grosjean tells us a just how much you feel like a winner behind the F-Type SVR.

jaguar f-type svr blue

The video is one of inspiration and definitely one to add to the bucket-list: driving in a beautifully designed and engineered vehicle in the Swiss Alps, check! This pretty thing offers a brutal 575 horsepower and 516 ft-lbs of torque from its supercharged V8. The sexy coupe is a stunner and makes losers drool at the sight of it. So, get out there and be a winner, so you too can own a Jaguar SVR. Let us know what color SVR you drive or want in the comments below.

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