Lister LFT-666 Squeezes Devilish 666 Hp from Jaguar F-TYPE

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Lister LFT-666 Jaguar F-Type

Lister’s new tuned Jaguar F-TYPE is the most powerful car its ever built. And it’s a downright devilish delight.

It’s not like there’s much we don’t like about the Jaguar F-TYPE. It’s the quintessential modern day performance Jag, and a darn good one at that. But like they say, you can never have too much candy or too much horsepower. Thus, companies like Lister are standing ready to ensure your Jaguar F-TYPE is ready for any sort of stoplight tomfoolery you might encounter. And their latest creation, the LFT-666, is every bit as devilish as it sounds.

That sinister model name isn’t just some sort of satanic celebration, either. It’s the number of horses this tuned F-TYPE packs under the hood, too. That 666 hp also makes it the most powerful vehicle Lister has ever built across its 65-year history. The legendary tuner created the LFT-666 by taking its existing Thunder model and making several revisions. They include new carbon fiber parts consisting of the front bumper and splitter, rear diffuser and lip spoiler, and wheel arches. The front grille and wheels are also unique to the LFT-666.

Lister LFT-666 Jaguar F-Type

Those modifications make this F-TYPE considerably lighter than a stock one, though they won’t say how much just yet. Aero is also said to be improved. Additional work to the suspension suspension and some rather attractive interior stitching further sets the LFT-666 apart from your average F-TYPE.

Lister LFT-666 Jaguar F-Type

The only bad news? Lister is only planning to build 99 of these beastly Jags. But if you’re digging what they’re dishing out, you can order all of the body enhancements on their own, minus the performance goodies. But what fun is that?

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