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RedDog 03-05-2019 08:59 PM

Fuel Tank Restoration (rust) - MKIX
I have a 1959 Jaguar MKIX with the original gas tanks. I am starting to get sentiment from corrosion and rust in the tank. Does anyone know of a place that makes new tanks for a MKIX? Have you restored an original tank? I have read some mixed reviews about Gas Tank Renu and other restoring process and not sure what to do.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Bob_S 03-10-2019 10:09 AM

Hi RedDog,
I have used Gas Tank Renu for a 59 Cadallic and my tank hasn't had a problem. I had it done in 2003/4 time frame. I believe this process was developed by the Radiator Hospital here in Detroit area and they license other to do it to. So, I would guess the result depend on who is doing it and if they follow the procedure.

DGorvetzian 03-19-2019 03:56 AM


My '60 Mk IX's right tank had some sort of liner material that was peeling away from the sidewall and actually blocking the gauge float from moving. I pulled the tank and took it to a local radiator shop that also specialized in tank cleaning and re-lining. My understanding is that they put it in an acid bath to clean it and then re-lined it without opening it (sealed the openings and distributed some sort of lining solution around the inside. So far, all is well. Total bill was $200.


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