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    Jaguar/XJ8L/1999 XJ6/1992
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    Owning and repairing British and German cars since the early 70's

    1999 VDP Topaz Parts or Project??
    2001 XJ8 Mistral
    2000 XJ8 Platinum (project)
    1999 XJ8L Topaz
    1985 XJ6 Belgian Import (Gray Market project car)
    1985 XJ6 (Parts Car)
    1983 XJ6 (Parts Car)
    1992 Sovereign (sold)
    2001 S-Type 4.0 (sold)
    1997 XJ6L Black (sold)
    1997 XJ6L White (sold)
    1972 XJ6 (sold)
    1966 'E'Type (first Jaguar) (sold)


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  1. motorcarman
    02-02-2019 08:42 PM - permalink
    You can call me @ 940-393-5979 and I'll talk to you about whatever.
    Why did you contact me as a VISITOR and not a member? I almost missed the message because it did not show up as a message when I logged on.

  2. Gus
    02-02-2019 11:39 AM - permalink

    I have a issue with my xk8 and want to know if i can bend your ear? If you are available please let me know.

  3. motorcarman
    06-03-2018 10:19 AM - permalink
    I have both WDS and IDS so I just go into the Setup and Configuration tab, Air Suspension Module and choose RAISE VEHICLE.

    I don't know how a supply of compressed air cab introduced into the system. The system pressure is higher than most shop-air pressures but 120 to 150 PSI will raise the car some.

    You can 'jump' the compressor relay (pins 30/87 or 3/5 whatever markings on the relay) Relay R1 in the Front Power Distribution Box is the relay to 'JUMP' to energize the compressor.

    I have replaced many relays with 'burnt' contacts and always replaced the relay when I replaced a compressor.
  4. 06-02-2018 11:38 AM - permalink
    Any ideas as to how to "trick" compressor into raising car air suspension for test?

    On Air Suspension too low situatioan
    my iCarSoft 930i Jaguar multiscanner shows.. in active read while at idle:

    LEVELING in Progress: NO
    Front Left Height Sensor @ +3.425
    Front Right Height Sensor @ -2.913
    Rear Left Height Sensor @ -2.756
    Rear Right Height Sensor @ -2.638
    Exhaust Solenoid: Closed
    All Damper Solenoid valve output controls: Closed
    Height sensor voltage: 4.90 v
    Laterial Accelerator: -0.03
    Pressure Sensor: 11.40 Bar
    Pressure sensor supply: 5.10 volt
    ... and a DTC fault scan shows the following...
    B1671 battery module voltage too low ... measures 10v
    C2303 reservoir plausibilty error ... need air to test for leaks
  5. 06-02-2018 11:37 AM - permalink
    Any ideas as How to pump-up air suspension system on 2004 xj8 x350 , so that I can test the system for air leaks?

    Can I "trick" compressor to start and pump-up the system?
    Car shows "low suspension" on dashboard.
    Believe car is in "Sleep mode".
    Car has been not driven for past 6 months, and has lowered itself to max.
    Live in Los Angeles. In past 6 months, I have only moved 2004 Xj8 from one side of street to the other each week. (Street sweeping days)
    Never more than 25 mph, so ... i believe that car has remained in "Sleep mode".
    If all else fails, can I use a shop compressor and connectors to inflate system?
    Yesterday, ran car at idle for 1/2 hr, and I did not hear compressor begin.
    Please send me any thoughts or ideas...
  6. motorcarman
    05-03-2018 08:58 PM - permalink
    There is no risk to perform an IMMO SETUP if the current ECM is faulty and the replacement is viable. You just need to plug in the replacement ECM and plug in the AutoEnginuty cable. I use WDS or IDS so I am unfamiliar with AutoEnginuty. It does no damage if you get it wrong but the car might not start until the procedure is correct or the module is correct.

    Choose SECURITY and find IMMOBILIZATION SETUP. Confirm the operation and it should take a few seconds. The screen message should be 'OPERATION COMPLETE' or something like that.

    I have not done this in a while but that is basically the way it is done.

  7. 05-03-2018 03:07 PM - permalink
    Hi Bob,
    Having spent some time on the forum I think you are my best hope for advice. I successfully diagnosed an ECU failure, and sent it to ASI in Tennessee for repair. They said it was irreparable, and they could sell me a replacement for just under $700. I decided to buy one from eBay for $150, which has the same VCATS and is from essentially the same car (2000 XKR convertible). Problem is, I can't get anyone to do the immobilizer (the dealer won't, and the only shop around here in Durham, NC claims that it is "illegal" to use a salvage ECU. So looking for advice: should I spring for ASI to do the job? Or being mechanically competent, should I try to learn how to do the immobilize procedure myself? I have a copy of the JLR IDS, and I have an AutoEnginuty cable. Just not at all familiar with this procedure. I do ultimately want the VIN to match in order to avoid issues with purchasing keys and getting smogged. Any advice very much appreciated!
  8. motorcarman
    03-10-2018 07:35 PM - permalink
    You are going to have many issues swapping keys, modules and locks without the proper diagnostic equipment. You cannot just swap components without configuring them to the car. In fact some components cannot be installed from a previous car!!!!

    When the S-Type was introduced as NP2000 (new product 2000) we attended training classes in late 1999. One of the California dealers had issues with a car, one of the guys started swapping control modules without consulting Jaguar Tech Hotline.

    It ended up that BOTH cars ( the problem car AND the donor car) were DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jaguar sent out Field Techs to try to fix BOTH cars.

    The training guy at Jaguar asked if the problem was resolved and the guy stated that BOTH cars were still disabled after a month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you don't have access to WDS, IDS, AutoLogic or some other dealer lever way to communicate with the car, then you are probably wasting your time.

  9. 03-09-2018 03:52 PM - permalink
    Bob, you seem to be the go to guy on the forum. I recently acquired an 03 STR with 19k miles for a very good price. Even with the low miles it has many issues. My plan is to modify it myself as money and time allows. To that end I purchased a high mile 03 STR as a parts car. The low mileage car didn't have the key fob so I bought a couple of new ones on ebay and had a local dealer program them to the car. But they could not cut the key so I thought I would swap the ignition cylinders between the cars because the parts car has a fob. I removed the key from the parts car fob and installed it into the new fob. Now neither car will start and I get a P1681 code. Will installing the transponder (the small glass cylinder with chip in it) from the straight key into the fob solve the problem? Please let me know what you think. Thanks
  10. 01-17-2018 01:29 PM - permalink
    I am on the lookout for a Ford FDS2000 since it seems the Jaguar PDUs do not come up for sale...ever?

    Should the FDS2000 come with the right cables for an OBD2 compliant 1996 Jaguar XJS? I want to make sure if I drop the money on this, that I get something I can use.


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