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Timeisrelative 04-08-2019 09:33 AM

Door hinge spring possibility
I was looking around and saw a spring for a 68-82 Corvette and I think it looks similar to that of the XJS. Has anyone looked into this to see if it'll fit?

MHF25 04-08-2019 11:12 AM

Read my threads concerning a XJS door hinge spring. The spring - itself - cannot be placed in the hinge. The spring is torqued onto the hinge. You have to purchase the complete door hinge. The driver's door upper hinge is not a duplicate of the passenger door upper hinge. The lower door hinges on both doors do not have a spring. I have a Jaguar parts contact in Jax, FL if you need to get some hinges.

Timeisrelative 04-08-2019 02:06 PM

I did read your thread previously and I like the idea of ordering a left from the UK, I just thought maybe if you took the hinge out it might be able to be separated into it's parts. Also thought maybe the Corvette spring looked similar to the XJS one and that it might be a good cheap alternative if it worked.

MHF25 04-09-2019 08:44 AM

Contact Leroy Sorrell in Jax, FL. [email protected]. I spoke with him. He has hinges.

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