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John Nevets 06-07-2019 05:51 PM

Transmission Cooler lines and Pully?
Ok, I had just finished doing a shake down run in the car, to make sure my transmission fluid change was now good. And I think it is, when I found a bigger issue. I heard a bit of a belt squeak when I revved the motor, so I figured I take a look. Dang is it tight to get a really good look at those belts with the supercharger hanging over everything. But I got a look at that one, and it seemed fine, on to the serpentine one. The inside of that one seemed fine as well, but showing a bit of age cracking, at a bend, but not too bad, the outside however didn't look quite right, and when I felt it, there was a bit of a grove as if it had been rubbing on something.

So I started looking for what could be causing this, it didn't take me long, and I think I found the culprit, and possibly a bigger issue.

I'm thinking that that line shouldn't be touching there? I'm shocked that it hadn't burned through the transmission cooler line yet, and burst that. I didn't get a picture of it, but when I pryed it away a bit and looked at it, it actually still had a lot of metal left, it looked more as if it was bent around the pulley then just being cut through. So, I tried using a small pry bar, to pull it off the pulley more, but it just kept wanting to bounce back in to place. How far away is it suppose to be, and what holds it away?

I know I need a new belt now, and might as well do the supercharger belt at the same time, and new transmission cooler lines as well. I think it may also be time to find a shop. While I bought this car knowing I wanted to work on it some, I'm apparently pretty bad at diagnosing issues. And I really should find out if there is any more gotcha's like this before I start driving it longer distances.

fmertz 06-08-2019 10:49 AM

There are a couple of fittings with the same "tech". The oil cooler lines feed/return start below the crank pulley, but it is hard to see then bending into the pulley. The power steering lines also have the same look (red fluid too!). There is more plumbing than you would think at first because it uses that spikey cooler across the radiator. You might have to trace these lines to their source to be sure.

As usual, keep your mind open on the larger picture. Could be the lines bent into the path of the poulley somehow, or the entire engine somehow moved, i.e. motor mounts failed. They are reputedly filled with fluid and their "death" can be traced by the leak.

Best of luck, keep us posted.

mhminnich 06-08-2019 01:32 PM

That looks just like the AC line that rubbed through on mine at the same place.

John Nevets 06-08-2019 09:47 PM

Thanks for the suggestions guys. Just to clarify, since the picture doesn’t really show it, this is the lower left hand side of the block, and I thought the lines went to the radiator closest to the block( but I’m not 100% on that). So based on the little bit of research I had done before posting, was why I thought transmission cooler lines. But you are correct I should trace them to the source, and verify. The good news is the junction has not been ruptured yet, and the belt hasn’t shredded yet, but I still need to get it fixed soon. If I take it out again before fixing, I figure it’s a gamble.

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