1971 Jaguar E-Type Go Kart(!?!) For Sale

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Yes, you read that right, a Jaguar E-type XKE-bodied go kart exists, and it is amazing.

This German-built E-type kart features a 4-stroke Honda engine with pull start, and a 2-speed manual transmission. Yes, this kart features a traditional manual transmission, with three pedals, motivating two forward gears and a reverse. Additionally, the headlights and brake lights are functional pieces. Painted in a period correct off white, it can be yours for just $10,000.

Sure, $10k may seem steep for what is ultimately equivalent to a super cool, retro power wheels car, but if you rock up to your local Cars and Coffee in your Jag, and pull this thing out to cruise in, it’s game over: no one is usurping you at that car show.

For more info, check out this link right here!


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