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By: Jaggyx
Today 01:02 PM

Interesting -- post some pics.
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Today 01:01 PM

Holy smokes does the Defender ever have a cult following, and then some. Its legendary. Even in the States you can sell one used for 4 years for more money than you paid for it. It will be...
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Today 12:59 PM

After doing some work around the Throttle Body on my 2004 XJ VDP, I found that the two-wire female connector from the wiring harness that attaches to the back of the Throttle Body disintegrated. It's...
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By: dauraf
Today 12:57 PM

Will be waiting for your updates. I've never seen a (modern) car with so many codes and no CEL. The absence of trims is even more suspicious. Here is my 5 cents:...
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Today 12:52 PM

That translated to : CBC4649 CCC4797N CCC5667N CCC6017N Any idea how I can cross-ref them to manufacturer part numbers by other manufacturers like BECK/ARNLEY or ZF or ACDELCO? I can't really...
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Today 12:49 PM

The Lexus looks more like my Fuji white couple. I believe a prior model year called Fuji by a different name. I love the Fuji white.
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Today 12:44 PM

Not sure what model you have, but I found the original OEM parts for my GEN1 1999 XK8 weren’t available. Cost wasn’t the issue - f£&king NLA. Leaking at the rubber steel crimps on the line was my...
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Today 12:42 PM

I will replace the CTS; after all I'm not going to get advice from experts and then not heed it. But I am skeptical for two reasons. One, replacing the thermostat did make an immediate and obvious...
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By: dga57
Today 12:39 PM

Perhaps they have something to do with his sorry state?
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Today 12:37 PM

Good information here but the thread has now diverged to a SEVENTH TOPIC! 1. oil leak (original) 2. FIRESTONE FIREHAWK INDY 500 Tires 3. replace the car battery 4. brand of Auto Transmission...
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By: Takeo
Today 12:32 PM

selling large numbers of used ...
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Today 12:29 PM

Many thanks for this. I'm sure I knew how to do this on paper last year but somehow forget the whole lot a few months later! I've got the manual on pdf but somehow got confused with multiple...
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Today 12:29 PM

The abs compares wheel speeds continuously, and if it finds them to be out of kilter without the brakes applied or steering turned, assumes a problem and illuminates the light. Some leeway is...
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By: JigJag
Today 12:26 PM

I burned a lot of time a year ago looking for this plug. Lots of close-but-no-cigars. Would it it be worth having some made up via 3D printing ( plastic ) or CNCd out of alluminum? Either would...
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Today 12:25 PM

Gonna keep an eye here to see what you find. Well done on finding the car. She’ll lucky to have found you too. Let’s see what is on the “ to do “ list.
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By: Takeo
Today 12:25 PM

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Today 12:24 PM

About 30 or 35 years ago I bought a tool to remove/replace the bushes. I don't remember where but this looks exactly like the one I have. ...
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Today 12:20 PM

Coolant doesnt smell of gas but the expansion tank does.
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Today 12:20 PM

Definitely agree right now, that the EV would be a good second car, but I will need some convincing that it’ll work as single owner as a convenient vehicle. On the other hand, in cities, Uber like...
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Today 12:18 PM

Wow, that was definitely a lot of work and I'm sorry to hear it didn't solve your issue. Your pictures reminds me of the guys with Mercedes W126 pulling the entire dash to replace actuators on the...
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