Are Jaguar XK8 Coupe Prices Finally on the Rise?

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Jaguar XK8

Is the Jaguar XK8 the next hot collectible, or is this high-dollar sale just an outlier that we should ignore?

It’s a secret that Jag fans have been in on for years. Heck, decades. The secret? You can buy a nice Jaguar XK8 for some pretty darn cheap prices. In fact, there aren’t too many better supercar bargains out there in the world. If you’re in the market for a Jaguar XK8, this is obviously a good thing. If you’ve been holding onto one for a while or want to sell, well, it’s not. But judging by a sale Jaguar Forums 85nova noticed recently, maybe people aren’t sleeping on these awesome cars any longer.

“After nearly two decades of relentless depreciation, supply constraints finally seem to be supporting the North American X100 coupe market. An extra clean 2001 Jaguar XK8 coupe with 46K miles recently sold at a classics dealer in Michigan for $18.9K. The car had been on the market for 10 days and was purchased for the asking price after heavy interest, according to a salesperson at GR Auto Gallery who confirmed the car is no longer available.”

Jaguar XK8

Could it be that this particular sale is a sign that Jaguar XK8 values are on the rise? Well, some people think so, anyway. The OP does figure in the fact that people tend to pay a premium when they buy from dealers such as this one, however.

“Objectively, I think if you purchased from a classics dealer, you have decided to outsource your homework and you are willing to pay up to have someone put their good reputation behind the selection of a car. The spread between private and commercial sale values approximates that added value.”

WhiteHat, for one, hopes that this sale doesn’t start a trend.

“Am I the only one who hopes that these cars never go high in value? It is rather nice to have a beautiful, well performing and engineered object that is accessible to those who know. It is like being a part of a secret society. Many of my contacts who have much more valuable cars are very impressed when driving one of these or just looking at it and its build quality. They’re shocked at the low price of admission.

There was a time when younger people could purchase classics. Do their own work and experience a part of automotive history and elegance. Perhaps our cars in a declining market (and as the collector class ages out of the car culture) could be the gateway for young people to do what their predecessors did in the 1960s and 70s. Discover being mechanically competent with a nice helping of accessible modern technology. These cars truly have a niche between the best of classic mechanicals, innovation and low cost.”

Jaguar XK8

An excellent point, indeed. But others, including rhbourne, aren’t too concerned that the Jaguar XK8 will become prohibitively expensive.

“I’d be more than pleased to see my mid-teens investment appreciate robustly over the next decade or so. If that happens, it will still be more than accessible for people of modest means to purchase, wrench and enjoy. If for some reason they find its future value too high, there are many ‘80s and ‘90s Jags that, for well-established reasons, will remain far cheaper to buy.

As a recent purchaser of an ‘03 Jaguar XKR at the tail end of a multi-year search, I can warrant that these cars are slowly becoming harder and harder to find. Particularly if you seek low-ish mileage and immaculate maintenance. More X100s are going for the ask. And accordingly the ask is starting to rise, particularly for excellent examples. So I think the market is telling us where it’s headed, whether we celebrate that trend or not.”
Jaguar XK8
All of which are excellent points. But we want to know what you think. So head over here and let us know if you think that the Jaguar XK8 is the next hot collectible. And whether or not that’s a good thing!

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