Drummer Max Weinberg’s E-Type Offered for Sale

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Max Weinberg's Jaguar E-Type

This E-Type marches to the beat of its own drummer, but it could soon march to yours, for the right price.

For Jaguar fans like us, there’s nothing quite like an E-Type.¬† It’s got a timeless beauty that has endeared it to generations of admirers. One of those admirers, Enzo Ferrari, described it as the most beautiful car ever made. The E-type’s design has transcended it automotive roots and made it into a pop culture icon.

It seems very sensible, then, that other pop culture icons would want to own an E-Type of their own. Much like movie stars getting married to each other, the pairing of famous personalities with an equally famous car seems only natural.

Max Weinberg's Jaguar E-Type

Musicians, especially, took to the flowing, curvaceous lines of this Coventry cat. Dave Clark of the Dave Clark Five loved his E-Type so much that it made it onto the cover of his band’s album “Catch Us if You Can.” That album cover made an impression on a young Max Weinberg, well-known as the drummer for both Bruce Springsteen and Conan O’Brien.

A car enthusiast in the first degree, Max decided that he needed to find an E-Type of his own. Starting with a very early-production 1965 from Texas, a full restoration was performed to match the appearance of the car on the album cover that so inspired Max as a young drummer.

Max Weinberg's Jaguar E-Type

This meant a color change from the original Pale Primrose to Opalescent Silver Blue. While we generally prefer the original color, the light metallic blue coupled with the navy blue top and interior is strikingly beautiful.

Max Weinberg's Jaguar E-Type

While Max got his share of enjoyment out of the car, he’s ready to move on, and you can now own this special example of Jaguar’s most famous model. It’s being offered for sale for the eye-watering price of a quarter of a million dollars. As an added bonus, you’ll get photos with max and the car, and one heck of a story to tell at the next Concours event.

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