Sit Back and Enjoy the Glide in New Range Rover Commercial

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Range Rover Spot Features On- and Above-the-Road Action

Things are not always what they seem to be at first. Just take a look at the newest Range Rover commercial from Land Rover USA.

It opens with footage of a regular-wheelbase Range Rover winding its way through mountain roads, pursued in the air by a glider. It seems as if the man in the SUV is being surveilled by the man in the sailplane. Is the driver an international criminal or spy, evading the vengeance of the pilot or the pilot’s mysterious employer? Does he have top-secret documents he needs to get to a buyer? Will that buyer use those secrets for good or evil?

The Range Rover driver takes a fork in the road, but is unable to elude his seaplane stalker until he reaches the mouth of a tunnel. The pilot flies around only to touch down in a field only feet away from the Range Rover and its sport-coat-wearing driver. Apparently, the driver has been expecting this rendezvous because he glances at his watch. It’s only a matter of time until gunfire erupts…

Or is it? No. No, it’s not. The glider pilot smiles, despite having come second in a friendly race.

As misleading as the commercial may (or may not) be in spots, its title, “Glide,” is fitting. Aside from being an impressive performer off-road, the last Range Rover Td6 we tested was an absolute dream on-road. It was shocking how composed and gentle its ride quality was. We were gliding – without worrying about going through tunnels.

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