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JaguarForums Member Commits to Saving This Jaguar XKR Flood Car

When you tip-toe the line between bravery and stupidity, you can sometimes be rewarded with a phenomenal sports car.

  Comments | By - May 31, 2018

Buyers Beware: Tuning Your F-Type Might Require A New Engine

Jaguarforums.com Jaguar F-Type Tune Blown Engine Buyer Beware

Engine tuning is a risk, especially under warranty, and there are different ways to handle it. Buyer beware if you don’t fully understand the consequences.

  Comments | By - December 12, 2017

Flogs a High-Mileage 2004 Jaguar XJR

A High-Mileage 2004 Jaguar XJR

Matt Farah drives an enthusiastic fan’s seldom-appreciated Jaguar flagship from the era of Ford ownership.

  Comments | By - September 6, 2017