Wanna Take a Ride in ‘The Italian Job’ Jaguar E-Type?

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848 CRY Italian Job

What would you pay to tool around Great Britain’s stunning coastline in one of the most famous Jaguar E-Types around?

If you said “about 50 pounds,” then you might be interested in bidding for a chance to ride shotgun alongside author, historian, and The E-Type Club founder Philip Porter in his 3.8L E-Type Roadster, better known as “848 CRY.” Or perhaps you know the car better from its role in 1969’s “The Italian Job,” where it starred, along with a Caterpillar and a mountainside, in one of the saddest scenes ever filmed.

Fortunately, the Car Gods are kind, and someone restored 848 CRY in the early ’90s, well enough to garner it an appearance on Top Gear. Which is a lot more than can be said of those Minis.

Now Porter’s got himself the world-renowned 848 CRY, and he’s willing to share it with the highest bidder at auction. Well, make that bidders, as each winning bid will get you a half-day ride-along during the 18-day E-Type Round Britain Coastal Drive. And even better, all of the proceeds will go to help Prostate Cancer UK fight the good fight.  

While this all sounds very well and good, would it be too much to ask Porter to rent out rides in his other car, the “9600 HP” E-Type that Jaguar unveiled at the 1961 Geneva Motor Show? You know, for charity.

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