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2012 Jaguar XKR Rare, Very Custom Jaguar XKR. Wrapped, Custom Viezu Tune & Suspension

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2012 Jaguar XKR Rare, Very Custom Jaguar XKR. Wrapped, Custom Viezu Tune & Suspension

2012 Jaguar XKR

01-03-2019, 11:15 AM | Replies: 0 | Views: 752
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  • Price
    • OBO
  • Location Chandler, AZ, USA
  • Condition Used
  • Mileage 54,995
  • Engine 8 cyl
  • Drive Type 2WD
  • Transmission Automatic
  • Vehicle Type Coupe
  • Exterior Color Black

This is a 2012 Jaguar XKR that has been highly modified to nearly 600hp while keeping all the luxury. There is NOTHING WRONG with this Jaguar, I repeat...nothing wrong.Make an Offer.Look at all the other Jaguar's you want, XKR trim and XKR-S trims, heck look at any other supercar or luxury sport coupe and you won't find anything like this one, NOR as powerful. This XKR is FASTER than ANY XKR-S....keep that in mind. It does have a black satin wrap so if you want a white car, you've got one. If you've never driven one of these cars or really heard much about them, they are absolutely one of the most underrated cars on the planet, watch the Top Gear episodes about them...pretty amazing. Where else can you find a sub 4 second car for less than $55k that has all this luxury, that retailed at $135k originally?First question, why am I selling it? Well honestly I don't have to sell it but where I currently live, I don't have a garage and I have two cars and will be moving soon and don't feel like taking both cars with me. To be clear, this car is sexy as hell and it gets stares and comments where ever it goes. Due to the grace and luxury Jag built into this "touring" car, the inside and the ride is unbelievably comfortable, the sound system is stunning and the handling is superb. Now the fun part...going fast...this thing blows past cars that think they are fast without even trying and with the redone suspension, it has way less body roll than the stock version so going around turns/curves is a delight! Right now, this car is doing 0-60 UNDER 4 SECONDS while riding in complete luxury. After this car was purchased, it instantly was customized to be clean and powerful without being annoying. As you know stock from the factory the XKR has 510 hp and 461 lbs of Torque, which honestly, if you've ever driven one of these cars THIS is a TON OF POWER. But being a car guy, that wasn't enough, and these vehicles have sooo much hiding under the hood that wants to be unleashed. So Viezu in the UK custom tuned this beautiful car to nearly 600hp while maintaining a 21mpg gas average. Everything was smoothed out so the engine purrs very quietly when idle but quickly engages when you press on the gas. After the tune here's what else we did:
  • Viezu installed a smaller upper pulley ($450)
  • Viezu Custom Tune ($950 and comes with two other tunes if you want)
  • BMC high performance custom air filters ($450)
  • Viezu custom lowering springs, to give less body roll on this Grand Touring frame ($550)
  • Completely replaced the bearings in the supercharger snout and replaced the isolator in the supercharger to a better version, as they go bad. ($1000)
  • Installed a Spires Stage 3 Active Exhaust...which, is absolutely breathtaking sound. It's very quiet on idle only opens up the more rpms you give it. People turn heads when this thing is flying down the highway...it sounds like a Jaguar v8 should sound, deep and rumbling but not annoying. ($3000k) Here is a decent video of another XKR with this exhaust
  • My video of this car's exhaust on startup till warm idle kicks in, watch the whole thing
  • Escort BUILT IN radar with JAMMING capabilities, MAX CI platform. Basically this is the best radar system around, built in the car stealth and can jam laser. It's discrete and will save your rear end from tickets...trust me. ($5000) https://www.escortradar.com/products/max-ci
  • New TPMS Sensors ($250)
  • Headlights refinished with new UV protectant ($250)
  • Custom Car Cover from CoverKing to withstand ALL elements ($450)
  • Replaced water pump, o-rings, coolant outlet pipe, throttle body gasket, super charger intake gasket, cooling hoses, and water distribution pipe. Why? Because they all go bad on these vehicles over time so easier to replace them now then deal with the headache later ($1500)
  • New Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 tires, UltraHigh Performance All Season Tires. These tires are awesome.
  • Avery Satin Black Custom Wrap with gloss jaguar outline on rear panels. Car is originally white underneath, so if you ever want a white car, easy to take off and have a new color. This wrap will last for many years if taken care of. There are a few rock chip spots in the front I AM GOING TO have redone in the next week so it will be perfect. ($4500)
  • Bovee Bluetooth system for easy connection of phones and such to the audio system (trust me, you need this)
Comes with all original paperwork as well as manuals, books, etc. In fact, I will hand over all the electronic documents on this vehicle as well, like shop manuals, electrical and tech manuals most people can't get. No joy rides. I will take you out in this car and show you what it can do but unless you can prove you understand how to drive a car like this, no joy rides.DO YOUR HOMEWORK, look up reviews on these cars, check out ALL the features this car has from a luxury standpoint, it's absurd. And remember, I have fixed/replaced 99% of any possible issues this car can have as well as doing all the heavy lifting on making this a beautiful but nasty luxury car with plenty of speed to boot. You will NOT be disappointed.The thing about Jaguars is that you don't generally find yourself buying a Jag because you're looking for the absolute best-performing vehicle for the money. The irony here is that owning "the fastest, most powerful production Jaguar model ever sold" is less about performance than it is about making a statement, it's a sexy panther.
You find yourself fingering your checkbook because you want a Jag. In sinister Black, THIS XKR is a rolling fashion statement, expression of wealth, style, and 1-percenter success that stands out in a way that a sea of silver Benzes and Bimmers and all of the Mustangs in the world never could.


  • 5.0L V-8 Engine
  • 6-spd auto w/OD Transmission
  • 600 @ 6,000 rpm Horsepower
  • 525 @ 2,500 rpm Torque


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