2018 Range Rover Velar Visits Hollywood

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2018 Land Rover Velar mingles with customers in Hollywood.

Last night, the highly-anticipated new Range Rover Velar mid-size luxury SUV made its West Coast debut. Taking place at premium watch retailer Westime on Sunset Boulevard, in Hollywood, the Velar was on display for the first time in California. The event was packed, but we hung around a bit past closing time so we could snag some pictures. Prospective Velar customers clamored all over the stylish SUV, with the driver’s seat being a desirable roost.

Of course, we have known about the Velar for a while now, as its launch coincided with several other changes to the JLR portfolio for 2018. That said, Velar does not disappoint in the flesh (sheetmetal?). Slotted between Evoque and the Range Rover Sport, Velar is the fourth model in the Range Rover family line-up. At least, in my eyes, it wears the Land Rover styling better than the rest. Seemingly longer and wider than Evoque, the proportion is just excellent, and is equal parts shooting brake and SUV. Check out that sloping rear roof line, if you don’t believe me.

Speaking of being in the middle, Velar has an important job, besides wining and dining in Hollywood. Priced from $49,900 and going on sale in September this is poised to be a volume seller for Land Rover. With the explosive growth that the SUV segment is currently seeing, this seems like a money-printing machine for the brand.

Besides being pretty on the outside, Velar also impresses on the inside. Material quality is excellent, and the layout of the dash and instruments is decidedly high class. Our well-suited model enjoyed touching every surface in the car.

So, we know how it looks, feels and how much it costs. I suppose the only thing left is to know how it goes. With that impending September release date, it seems that it’s only a matter of time until we are behind the wheel of one.

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