Jaguar Project 8; What Do You Want To Know

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We will have the car in person, and the people with all the knowledge.

To say that we are excited about Jaguar’s Project 8 is something of an understatement. It’s more like we are aching in anticipation to get our hands on this machine. Thankfully that wait is ending soon. We will have the Jaguar XE SVO Project 8, in all of its glory, here at our LA office in one week. Along with the car, members of Jaguar’s SVO team are coming to the offices. That includes Mark Stanton, Director of JLR’s Special Vehicle Operations, and Dan Connell, Head of Global PR & Communications for SVO.

That means that we can get you basically any and all information you want about this new super XE. We will be setting up a live video stream on our Facebook page the afternoon of August 8th, 2017, where you can see the car and ask us questions live. Jaguar didn’t give us a set time yet, just the afternoon of August 8th, so make sure you follow our Facebook and have notifications turned on so you don’t miss it.

We are going to do everything we can to answer every question, but if things get busy we might miss a few. If you have something you really want to know, why not drop it in the forums. That way we can have a set of questions ready to go, and don’t have to try and dig through all the comments on the Facebook video. In a live setting, that kind of stuff can get pretty hectic.

That should cover all the bases. Jaguar’s fastest sedan ever, at our office, with the people who helped create it. Tune in live, ask questions, and enjoy this engineering marvel with us.

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