Pictures From the 2017 Western Washington All British Field Meet

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Western Washington All British Field Meet

High temps likely kept some folks away, but there was plenty of sexy sheet metal at the Western Washington All British Field Meet.

The Western Washington All British Field Meet is held every July at St. Edward State Park, a beautiful space about 35 minutes north of Seattle. And while I’ve lived in the Emerald City for the better part of two decades — and owned British cars for a decent chunk of that time — I’d actually never made it out to the show. So last weekend, along with my friends Jen and Jamie, I finally made the trip. And while we couldn’t roll up there in any British iron, we still arrived in style, courtesy of Jen’s 1958 Buick Skyliner.

Seeing all that gorgeous sheet metal assembled was actually a bittersweet experience. The day before, I’d gotten up at 5:30 in the morning to run my 1972 MGB GT down to the Port of Seattle, where she was heading to start the next chapter in her life — as a surf wagon in Hawaii. The decision was a rough one, but my lack of mechanical aptitude, along with losing an affordable, climate-controlled garage, was a huge factor. There’s just no way I was going to make her live outside during a Washington winter. Like a lot of the folks on this forum, that little car was a lot more than a car to me. I’ve written about my beloved 1978 XJ6 before here, as the XJ was the car that made me fall in love with cars in the first place. But I’d always wanted a little British sports car older than I am, and the GT fit the bill perfectly — and we had plenty of great times together. She was worth every penny.

To be perfectly honest, I would have liked to see more Jags at the show, and I’m guessing the high temperatures — it was pushing 90 degrees — kept some folks away. Not even the gents from my favorite British shop, AutoSport Seattle, made the trek up to Kenmore, though I’m guessing they’ll be there for the 30th anniversary next year. So check out the photos below, and let me know if you happened to be there. It’d be great to connect with some local Jaguar Forums members!

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