Author: John Coyle

‘Robbery’ is a Great Example of Why We Need More Jaguars in the Movies

Jaguars in the Movies — Robbery

Want proof we need to see more Jaguars in the movies? Just watch this chase with an MK 2. As a life-long Jaguar fan, I’ve always wondered why Hollywood — and well, every other movie-making capital — didn’t use more of them in chases. Like I pointed out in my last Jaguar chase scene post, […] More »

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Will the Classic XJ Market Ever Take Off?

Classic XJ Market

How long can the basement-level prices for old XJs last? Until they’re all nothing but piles of rust? The classic XJ market has always puzzled me. Right now, if you go on Craigslist anywhere in the country, you can find examples of Jaguar’s gorgeous sedan for next to nothing — and sometimes they’re even running […] More »

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A Jaguar XJ220 Racing Series is Proof Racing is Insane

Jaguar XJ220 Racing Series

There’s a lot of crazy racing in the world. Seriously, if has wheels and a motor, there’s some maniac out there that’ll race it — there’s even sidecar motocross racing. That said, this Jaguar XJ220 racing series is totally bonkers.

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Jaguar Car Chase: The XJ6 Scene From Bellman and True

Jagaur Chase Bellman and True

Everyone loves a good car chase, and quite obviously, we like them better when there’s a Jaguar as the hero car.

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This Lap of Le Mans in a Jaguar D-Type is an Amazing Time Capsule


Jaguar was an Underdog at Le Mans in the ’50s — Until the D-Type The Jaguar D-Type is, without a doubt, one of the sexiest racing cars ever built. And as every Jaguar fan knows, there was a lot to love about it besides the drop-dead gorgeous body work. The 24 Hours of Le Mans […] More »

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