Pictures From the 2017 Western Washington All British Field Meet

Western Washington All British Field Meet

The Western Washington All British Field Meet is held every July at St. Edward State Park, a beautiful space about 35 minutes north of Seattle. And while I’ve lived in the Emerald City for the better part of two decades — and owned British cars for a decent chunk of that time — I’d actually never made it out to the show.

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XJS Prices Seem to be Climbing: Will it Become the Next True Collectible Jaguar?

XJS Prices

At least one new report says the era of bargain-basement XJS prices might be coming to an end. Here’s some interesting news for Jaguar fans: According to UK site Classic Car Auction Results, Jaguar XJS prices seem to be on the rise. Now, I’ve wondered before on this blog about why prices for the classic […] More »

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Thing of Beauty: 1975 LS1-Powered Jaguar XJ6C

LS1-Powered Jaguar

Regardless about how you feel about cross-brand engine swaps — and I know plenty of folks have strong opinions — any enthusiast will be able to appreciate the stunning amount of work which went into this LS1-powered Jaguar XJ6C.

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Nicole Kidman Drives an XJ in Jaguar Chase Scene from ‘The Invasion’

Jaguar Chase Scene

Once again, YouTube delivers another good Jaguar chase scene from a lackluster flick. Well, I don’t know how I missed this one. For a dude who has complained — on this blog, and multiple times — about how much he loves a good Jaguar chase scene, there are still quite a few out there I haven’t […] More »

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‘Get Carter’ Was a Crappy Movie — But the Jaguar Chase Scene Was Great

Jaguar Chase Scene — Get Carter

Get Carter was an uninspired remake of a ’70s British mob flick. You should just watch the car chase. I only know get Get Carter has a wicked Jaguar chase scene because it was shot around the corner from my old office in Seattle’s Pioneer Square. For a few weeks, my colleagues and I walked […] More »

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