Andy Murray’s 160 MPH Stunt With Jaguar’s F-Type SVR

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Must’ve been Andy Murray’s practice of smashing serves into speeding Jaguars that contributed to his 2nd Wimbledon championship win this year. Apparently the British automaker thought their new brand ambassador, and the U.K.’s biggest tennis star, might benefit from this stunt as a good way to warm up for the country’s biggest sporting event. All very patriotic of Great Britain, don’t you think?

To do so, Jaguar sent three of their sporting vehicles — the XE S/C, the F-Type SVR, and the Formula E — out to Thruxton circuit near Hampshire for Andy to have a go at hitting a target affixed to each car’s tail, all while blowing past the pro at upwards of 160 mph.

Any stunt driver would likely have been good enough to best Murray at this very difficult competition, but Jaguar employed famous former tennis-pro John McEnroe, which added an element of surprise and humor. A pro-driver might not know exactly how to push Murray’s limits while moving a target at speed, although a tennis-pro obviously did.

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Via [ConventryTelegraph]

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