Impossible Is Possible With Classic Jaguar Replica’s C-Type

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Stationed in South U.K., a dedicated father and son team are building authentic replica Jaguars with modern driving componentry for world-wide purchase. Dad, Phil, crafted his skills for Jaguar replication as a hobby after his long career as a “spanner-man” at Jaguar Motor Cars and a short career as a pit crew member on the Le Mans circuit. His personal passion led him to building two different examples of a D-Type, years ago. These were done to expert levels, enchanting anyone who came in contact, which in-turn led to demand, and the beginning of Classic Jaguar Replicas.

Classic Jaguar Replicas sells a nice portfolio of parts and complete cars for three antique Jaguars: C-Type, D-Type, and XK SS. The aluminum bodies are simply gorgeous because of the way the U.K. boys bend and smooth out the metal. They have captured the curves with such respect for the original hand-crafters of the Jaguar C-Type. Even the cooling inlets on the body are clean, factory uniform, and functional too. The newest addition to the C-Type team is the optional glass reinforced plastic body that saves weight and adds performance.

The C-Type replica from CJR looks like the meat and potatoes of their lineup, with all the options available. The C-Type can be built as a complete car with LHD or RHD, single-door or two-door, alloy or plastic body, full kit build or complete car all bolted to a space frame. These choices sound like they’re direct from the Jaguar Company themselves; what a great offering. The option-ability is on-point, but that doesn’t even include the blood-pumping specs of their modern driving componentry and production quality. The componentry Phil and son, Oliver, have chosen are valuable additions for speed, like four-corner independent suspension, disc brakes, radial tires, Jaguar engines, and gearboxes of your choice.

ClassicandSportsCars had a chance to drive a couple C-Type models as shown in the video below. Both were aluminum-bodied models, although the biggest difference is that one is fitted with a Toyota gearbox and the other a traditional Jaguar gearbox. Whether you’re going for all-out fun or you’re a purist, the father and son team at CJR can make the impossible possible.

For 55,000 Euro do you think this is a good value for a CRP replica Jaguar C-Type? Judging from the build quality and driving disposition shown in the video, it’s sure seems worth it to me.

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