Jaguar E-Type Film Noir Police Pursuit

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Check out the 1960s police car chase clip below, which features an original Series 1 Jaguar E-Type Roadster running from the bobbies.

From the movie clip below, you can see nuances to detect that it is indeed a Series 1 model, like the covered headlights. But I’m still not sure what movie this clip is from, as it doesn’t say in the video’s description. If you know, please share with us in the forums. There aren’t too many movies that feature an E-Type, so I consider this a rare bit of footage found and I am thrilled to share it. A true pure right-hand drive British Series 1 Jaguar E-Type in motion, straight from the era in black and white film really feeds my Jaguar-loving soul; especially hearing the roaring straight six purr.

The director of this film must be a car guy, judging by the beautiful angles that show off the E-Type. The clip starts by showing the entire car, which allows you to see the full, smooth body of the jungle cat. After the fleeing man hops in the E-Type, he really gets on it hard at launch, and it is perfectly recorded from right behind the exhaust pipes, getting the squat and smoke.

In the beginning of the chase, at around 24 seconds in, you’re able to see a hard corner showing off the E-Type’s sporting abilities. This really sets off the chase well. At around 41 seconds it’s impressive to see the Jaguar able to shake off the bobbies with its quickness. I love it when the E-Type, with its roof off, goes flying past while the bobbies miss the corner.

At around 1:18, the E-Type stops at an intersection and you’re able to hear the straight six throttle up. Looks like a 4-speed manual gearbox by the way the car jiggles off the line but still jumps up to speed. But when you think about it,  stopping at an intersection during a car chase is sort of comical.

Another good scene is the sweeping corner at around 1:34 that looks so silky and flat. Though I think in a real chase with that bobbie cruiser, the E-Type would be way out of town by now.

Is your heart racing yet? Car chase videos really show cars at their limits, and this one is a good example of the E-Type getting wringed out.

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