The Importance of the Jaguar F-PACE’s Design

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Jaguar is an 80-year-old company that’s never made a crossover until this year. Given that fact, you could say the new F-PACE is a turning point for the brand.

Ian Callum, the director of design for Jaguar, feels that way about the five-seater’s styling. In fact, he calls it the “fulcrum of a whole new era.”

Perhaps it’s because the F-PACE challenged Callum and his team to make a practical, spacious design exciting. I’d certainly associate the word “exciting” with Jaguar instead of “practical.” However, the F-PACE’s interior room and storage areas are intended to make it more of the latter.

While the F-PACE is a curvaceous and attractive vehicle from different angles and in profile, I wouldn’t call it exciting. The front end is familiar if you’ve ever seen a picture of the XE or the XF in person. On the other hand, the tail lights bring to mind the F-TYPE, a Jaguar which is quite a thrill. (My review of that is coming soon.)

We’ll have to wait see if the whole new era the F-PACE launches is one in which Jaguar design is strong enough to win over potential buyers of BMWs, Mercedes-Benzes, and Audis.

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