Jaguar-Land Rover Prepping Fleet for International Car Sharing

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JLR is launching into the modern age with a multi-platform approach for success, including an international app-based car sharing venture called InMotion. Jaguar-Land Rover’s new start-up is its own entity, still under the JLR family tree, and backed with branded vehicles and infotainment. To stay cutting edge, they’ve geared the company to adapt quickly to digital, traffic, and transportation trends. The foundation laid down by JLR and InMotion could change the way we see shared hourly rental cars.

InMotion plans to incorporate car sharing mobile apps along with “on-demand-services” for a plethora of uses for these vehicles, to keep them InMotion. JLR seeks to be more complimenting and comprehensive than current car sharing vehicles and taxis. They want to offer a true substitute for owning your own vehicle.

AutoExpress reports InMotion’s tech team of 30 is working with ex-Google engineers right now planning exciting schemes and different uses. JLR, InMotion, and Google are all on the hunt for new startups with ideas of how to enhance the car sharing infrastructure.

Almost every auto manufacturer has or is soon starting a car sharing program to ride the trending wave of a population moving away from ownership. Though only InMotion is attempting to build a lifestyle around these daily-rentals.

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