Just Listed: Series I 1965 Jaguar E-Type Fixed-Head Coupe

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A sensational silver was never an XK-E option, and was only reserved for Series I Lightweights. So finding a maintained and updated 1965 coupe for sale is like Christmas in June.

Often vehicles of this show-car caliber never make it past friends, family, and neighbors, and are sold as pocket listings from word-of-mouth — like this one has been for most its life. It was originally owned by one of the presiding judges in the Charles Manson murder trial, who just couldn’t keep it because it was too distinctive and dangerous after the trial. So he sold it to a neighbor. After the neighbor sold it to his father in the early 1990s, it went under a massive overhaul.

Now it’s selling on the open market for the first time in over a quarter-century. If you’ve been looking for a Series I 1965 Jaguar XKE coupe with matching serial numbers and a well-documented history, this might just be your best chance. The sale includes great documentation of its past, modifications, Concours career, awards, tools, shop repair books, and extra original OEM parts. The vehicle is in great driving condition with just under 100K miles over its 52-year life. And it underwent major overhauls in the 1990s, including the powertrain, handling, and aluminum unibody.

Modifications to the powertrain during the rebuilding of the 4.2L straight-six engine added a new 5-speed manual transmission, electric fan, spin-off oil filter, coolant recovery tank, and a nice update of a Mallory distributor. The whole rear independent suspension system of the quad-spring, quad-shock set-up was retooled. And they also modified in remote brake bleeders for the inboard disc system. Topping off the overhaul was this extreme silver paint over the previous white and original Opalescent Blue.

This is a truly authentic E-Type who’s been authorized by Jaguar Heritage in England, but perhaps not the smartest investment for those looking for an ultra pure-blooded edition. What do you think?

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