Watch Jaguar Execute One Crazy Tire Burnout!

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We’ll be honest, we’re torn. One one hand, it’s cool. On the other, why would you do that to your Jag? 

We came across this video from Car Warz showing a Jaguar pull off one crazy maneuver. And when we say one, we mean that literally. The Jag is participating in a burnout challenge and manages to smoke his competitors with a one-wheeled burnout.

The competition was the West Michigan Pullers (WMP) event in Kent City, Michigan. Now, usually the lineup is full of diesel trucks and off-roading rigs. But this Jaguar came to school everyone.

Jaguar 1 Tire Burnout

The announcer seems first confused that the driver is only running one tire. Then impressed. “You’ve got one tire spinning!” he says. “You can buy one tire for 400 bucks.”

But the Jaguar performs beautifully, and rides off leaving the other competitors in a huge cloud of smoky goodness.

Jaguar 1 Tire Burnout

Yeah, it’s pretty badass. But we still don’t think we could burnout with a Jaguar.

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