Champagne E-Type Better than a Bottle of Krystal

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Jaguar E-Type

Wild customs are cool and all, but nothing ever beats a classic E-Type when cruising through the casinos of Las Vegas.

We’re coming to you live from the floor of SEMA 2018, looking for the most amazing Jaguar builds while deciding if we should pool our winnings together for an I-Pace or an F-Type.

As we all know and have come to expect, SEMA is about going all out on a build. While we appreciate the time and effort that goes into building a crazy ride, sometimes, we just need a break from the madness, like this champagne supernova of an E-Type we happened upon a few moments ago.

Jaguar E-Type

And not just any E-Type, but the most desirable one of them all, the 4.2. Already dubbed “the most beautiful car ever made” by the late Enzo Ferrari himself, the 4.2 improves upon such greatness with a better brake servo and 265 horses from its 4.2-liter XK inline-six.

Jaguar E-Type

We didn’t have a chance to learn more about this E-Type 4.2, but who could blame us? From the polished chrome wire wheels and bumpers, to the gorgeous champagne metallic paint and enclosed headlights, all we can say is that for once, we agree with Ferrari.

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