Now, this is how the Jaguar E-Type was Meant to be Driven!

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Watch this ‘61 Fixed Head Coupe execute flawless drifts at Goodwood.

Ah, the Jaguar E-Type. Since its introduction 57 years ago, the car has seemingly always been a timeless British icon. And yes, while Jaguar is quick to highlight the E-Type’s storied racing history, most surviving cars are either immaculately restored or on their way to it. That’s what makes this video so incredible. It shows a beautiful early Fixed-Head Coupé getting thrown around the historic Goodwood circuit with reckless abandon.

Well, maybe it just looks reckless. The car, piloted by champion driver Rob Huff, is in more than capable hands. But Huff’s practice lap for the Kinara Trophy race is just a hoot to watch. Competing against priceless icons like Ferrari 250s, Aston Martin DB4s, and a whole lot of other E-Types, this race could be the most expensive auto race in the world. You wouldn’t know it from the way he tosses his vintage Jag around.

1961 Jaguar FHC E-Type Drifting Goodwood

As the video opens, we see Huff execute a flawless drift through one of Goodwood’s corners, hot on the tail of a more stock-looking E-Type. Though we don’t know much about it (other than it’s an early Series 1 car), the coupe is stripped of all brightwork like a Competition model, and its rear hatch has been replaced with a single sheet of plexiglass or perspex. It easily overtakes the other E-Type, then both cars overtake a Ferrari 250 SWB. Huff then sets his sights on another 250, but can’t overtake it before finishing out. It doesn’t matter though; with a time of 1:30.251, he’s the fastest car on the track by a full half-second.

Really, words don’t do this Jag or its driver justice. You’ve got to experience the open-throttle sound of those straight-sixes doing battle against the Ferrari’s Colombo V12. And, you’ve got to see the way Huff makes the most of the car’s skinny tires around corners. This short video is a must-watch for any Jaguar fan.

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