Jaguar I-Pace Gets Test-driven by Jaguar Forum Members

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Jaguar I-Pace

Curious to see how your fellow enthusiasts feel about the Jaguar I-Pace? Here are some detailed reviews!

So far, the Jaguar I-Pace has received nothing less than stellar reviews from all the pros out there. But what about the average Joe? The kind of person who might actually go out and buy one of these historic, first-ever all-electric Jags? Well, thanks to a recent event, Jaguar Forums member enderle was able to do just that. So as you might imagine, we (and everyone else) were curious to see what he thought. And he didn’t disappoint.

“OK, the test drive went great. Car is fast. Didn’t get to take it off-road or on a track, but acceleration onto the freeway was brisk. In line with my GLA45 AMG, which is really quick. Dead quiet inside. Funny story, I asked to hear the fake engine sounds. They couldn’t figure out how to turn them on, so that may need some work.

Back seat room was plenty. Front seat was nice and roomy, frunk (front trunk) wouldn’t even hold wife’s purse without work. Didn’t try the stereo. The controls were intuitive. As others have noted, the infotainment screen was slow. Overall, I loved the car and can hardly wait to get mine.”

Jaguar I-Pace

Sounds pretty convincing, if you ask us. But if one review of the Jaguar I-Pace wasn’t enough, lizzardo was also able to drive one. And he kindly shared his thoughts on the exciting new EV as well. First up? Comfort and ergonomics.

“First off, it’s a nice looking car. My first two tests are usually:

1) If I set the seat where I want it, does the B-pillar block too much of my side view? I’m 6′ tall, so this is a disqualifying test for many cars with more than one door per side. It was a little further back than some cars, so it was acceptable. Better than the Discovery, in fact.

2) If I were in the front seat, could I sit behind me without suffering? Another passing grade, although I wouldn’t want to drive cross-country back there.

The center console crowded my right knee a little, but once I was driving I didn’t notice.”

Jaguar I-Pace

And then, the meat of the review: some Jaguar I-Pace driving impressions.

“Acceleration was good, but I didn’t feel the need to test the 0-60 time. I was more concerned with the overall driving experience. I’ll say it was certainly up to my daily needs without breaking a sweat.

Traffic was a bit too heavy to really get the full experience, but I took it on most of the same loop I used to test the F-Type. There are some left-right transitions that made the extra weight of the V8 apparent, so it seemed a reasonable test. I didn’t want to abuse the salesman, so I held back a little. But it felt neutral in transition, even under moderately heavy acceleration.

Cornering was nice and flat, with only the slightest understeer while making a passing maneuver. The section has a 90 right leading to slightly banked left, tightening up to a right and dropping to one lane. The 90 right was completely wasted by a minivan, so for the left I dove in and gassed it (electronned it?) before the tightening right. There was no drama and it just did as I asked it.

Overall, I was impressed and would definitely consider it were I going electric.”

Jaguar I-Pace

So far, it seems like the Jaguar I-Pace is living up to the hype. But several other members are still awaiting their scheduled test drives, so there’s plenty more to come. So be sure and head over here to check out their reviews when they get posted!

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