Jaguar F-Type Takes a Stunning Trip Through the Alps

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Jaguar F-Type

Because nothing–and we mean nothing–goes together better than a Jaguar F-Type and beautiful driving roads. 

As automotive enthusiasts, we all share one common bond. We’re passionate about our cars. In this case, that means anything and everything Jaguar, of course. Sadly, however, most of us are relegated to cruising around our local confines, or whatever’s reasonably reachable on a typical road trip. Thus, we aren’t as lucky as Jaguar Forums member Almeida. Because they were lucky enough to take an epic road trip through the stunning Alps in a Jaguar F-Type recently!

“Having returned from a 9-day road trip through the Alps, (my first longer road trip with the Jaguar F-Type) I thought I’d write something up. Since most members here are from the U.S. it probably won’t be too much practical help for anyone. But who knows, maybe you can plan your next European road trip.

I planned the trip to include both rewarding driving roads. As well as some good hiking areas with a final day of soaking up some sun on the french Côte d’Azur before heading back home to southern Germany. I drove a total of 3,150 km (close to 2,000 miles). Mileage for the whole trip was 9.3 l/100km (= 25 mpg). Considering the amount for mountain passes as well as the the final parts on the unrestricted German Autobahn, I think that’s pretty decent.”

Jaguar F-Type

We’re more than a little jealous of this journey, obviously. But at least the OP was kind enough to share some incredible pictures of his Jaguar F-Type and the scenery he enjoyed with us. Not to mention a bunch of helpful tips for anyone wanting to recreate this epic road trip.

“Stelvio is overrated. Sure it’s an impressive road, those tight hairpins and elevation makes for an interesting drive. But it’s too crowded even in the morning (I was on the road at 9:30 am). And to be honest, even if it weren’t it wouldn’t be my favorite driving road. It’s simply too tight to open up the car.

It’s also the most commercial of all the mountain passes I drove. At the top, there’s an enormous amount of people tying to sell you stickers, t-shirts, and everything else that can be imagined. Also, there’s a guy who sits along the road all day and photographs every motorcycle, bike, and sports car going up the mountain.”

Jaguar F-Type

Of course, there are plenty of other, lesser known roads that offer a better experience.

“Colle del Nivolet was my personal highlight. Driving wise, it certainly has the same problems as Stelvio (very tight road) made worse by the fact that the road is very narrow and not in too great a condition. The scenery, however, is simply amazing. It’s part of Gran Paradiso National Park in Italy. I spent a whole day here hiking, and I could easily have spent several more. Going down from the mountain in the rain and behind all those cows was less fun however.”

Be sure and check out all the OP’s notes from his trip by heading over here. And while you’re there, enjoy all the amazing photography of his Jaguar F-Type and the Alps, too!

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