Frankenstein S-Type F-150 Is a Sight to Behold!

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Jaguar S-Type F-150

‘Prototype J-150’ is either the Jaguar truck of our dreams, or a bizarre abomination of our nightmares.

Once upon a time, Ford gathered a few of Britain’s greatest automotive names (and one Swedish brand) under one roof, the Premier Automotive Group. Alongside Aston Martin, Land Rover, and Volvo, Jaguar spent the start of the new millennium building cars like the S-Type, a car that Jeremy Clarkson once described as “like Beaujolais nouveau – awful when it came out and then just gets steadily worse as time passes.”

If the S-Type was Beaujolais nouveau, then this discovery by The Drive might be a case of PBR from September 2018: a Denver mad man is selling his “prototype J-150” on Craigslist for $7,000.

Jaguar S-Type F-150

And what is the “J-150,” you may be asking. Well, it’s a 2000 Ford F-150 with the front clip of a 2000 S-Type placed over a 5.4-liter V8 from a Lincoln Navigator. The Jag truck is currently painted in blue, while the red leather interior has Jaguar branding stitched just beneath the headrests. Other custom touches include side exhaust pipes, white “ninja star” wheels with black hub caps, and two sunroofs to welcome the sun from every angle.

Jaguar S-Type F-150

The current owner says the “J-150” needs “some bondo work on the hood where it has a crack and has a minor scrape and ding on the rear.” The owner also says the truck receives lots of looks and thumbs-ups at red lights, plus plenty of photos taken of this…interesting…build.

If this is (somehow) up your alley, you can take the truck for $7,000 as-is, or have the owner handle the body and repaint for $11,000 with $6,000 down; the owner will also consider cash and trade “if you have something cool.” We think it may be better to use that money for a down payment on a new F-PACE, though.

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