Jaguar S-Type R with Nitrous is Just Silly

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Jaguar S-Type R is a smooth, supercharged 400 hp executive saloon now painted in an obnoxious blue & spiked with a bottle of NoS.

We are in two minds about this particular Jaguar S-Type R. On the one hand, it’s ruined a perfectly good S-Type-R. On the other hand, they haven’t held any real value and cars are fun. In this video from YouTuber Samcrac, he’s giving us a rundown on the car before he sells it. He bought it for $3,900 and describes it as a “poor man’s Hellcat.” It may have a supercharged V8 and 4 wheels, but that’s pretty much where any Hellcat comparisons end. If anything, the S-Type R is best described as the more road-friendly rival to the M5 of the time.

Jaguar S-Type R with Nitrous is Just Silly

Samcrac’s S-Type R came with 70,000 miles on the clock, badly sun damaged paint, and some codes related to bad sensors. That’s one hell of a lot of car for just under $4,000 and perfect for a project. However, what he has done with his S-Type R is not quite what we would have chosen to do.


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While Nitrous is fun, having more horsepower always on tap rather than having to flip a switch and refill a bottle is more fun. Also, there’s something about the Eaton M112 supercharged 4.2-liter V8 he would have known with a little research. It’s surprisingly simple and cost-effective to get near the 500 horsepower mark from the stock 400. A smaller pulley on the supercharger and an ECU tune alone will get it most of the way.

If you think the paint looks like it might have been done by Maaco, well, it was done by an even cheaper competitor. Not only is the color just wrong for the car, but the paint job itself is awful. We understand not wanting to spend more than the car is worth, but $450 toy-blue paint is going to look even worse in a year than if he had just spent some time with a polisher on the original paint. Then, with a bit of research and the thousand bucks he spent on paint and nitrous, he may even have gotten a pulley and tune to get closer to a 500 horsepower car for the $5000 spent.

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