Jaguar F-Type Owner Gives Active Exhaust System an Intense Workout

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After a year of driving the F-Type, British YouTuber declares it is the best car that he has ever owned.

British YouTube personality Oliur has owned his Jaguar F-Type for over a year. In that time, he has loved just about every aspect of the ownership experience, so he put together a video detailing everything that he likes about his F-Type along with mentioning the few minor points that he doesn’t love about his supercharged ragtop. The video from his YouTube channel is chock-full of footage of the sleek Jaguar roaring through the English countryside.

The Cons

Since Oliur’s list of complaints is so short, we will look at them first. He feels that the seats could be a bit more comfortable, especially for longer drives. He doesn’t like his seating position relative to the dash line and top of the doors, as it makes for less visibility around the car. This problem resulted in him scratching a wheel because he couldn’t see the curb while parking, even when he has the seat in the highest position.

Jaguar F-Type Infotainment Screen

His biggest complaint is with the infotainment screen, which he goes so far to call “absolute garbage.” He doesn’t like that it has a touchscreen and he insists that touchscreens are a bad, unsafe idea in cars. He doesn’t like that he has to use the touchscreen to adjust the climate control, mentioning several times that he really doesn’t like the infotainment system in general.

That is the full extent of the negativity towards the Jaguar F-Type.

The Pros

While Oliur doesn’t like the infotainment system and he doesn’t love the seats or the seating position, he loves everything else about the F-Type. He raves about the exterior design and he goes on and on about the factory-equipped active exhaust system, which is easy to understand. The F-Type sounds incredible in every driving situation.

Jaguar F-Type High Front

He loves the power of the supercharged V6, much like he loves the manners of the ZF automatic transmission. He also loves the handling capabilities and the fit and finish of the loaded interior. Though, he has made some changes to the car over the past year and a half of ownership, replacing the chrome wheels and trim with black wheels and trim. The result is a mean-looking sports car and we agree that it looks much more aggressive with the black features.

Jaguar F-Type Before and After Mods

Most importantly, he points out that in a year and a half of owning the Jaguar F-Type V6 Sport, he hasn’t had to make any repairs. He has replaced the tires and he has followed the routine maintenance schedule, but there haven’t been any issues with the car at all. He closes by calling it the best car that he has ever owned, stating that he absolutely adores if after spending the last 18 months behind the wheel.

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