Jaguar I-PACE Reviewer Runs Afoul of Tesla Fanatics

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Turns out you don’t even have to say anything bad about Teslas to upset the Cult of Musk.

It’s hard to believe that just a few short years ago, Jaguar was seen as a very traditional, even stodgy, company. Their impressive turnaround has been highlighted by their new, all-electric I-PACE. The I-PACE has been capturing the hearts and minds of nearly all who drive it.

YouTuber Petrol Ped had a chance to borrow a beautiful blue I-PACE for a day, and he couldn’t help but gush over how truly wonderful this machine is in his thorough review. Unfortunately, despite only mentioning Tesla in passing, Ped made the mistake of upsetting the cargo cult of Elon Musk. They took to the comment section to defend Tesla from…a guy who didn’t say enough nice things about them, apparently.

YouTube I-Pace Reviewer Runs Afoul of Tesla Fanatics

It seems that Tesla owners and admirers are fierce in their defense of their cars, to the point of denigrating anyone or anything that has anything less than stellar to say about them. Production delays, questionable build quality, and the bizarre behavior of their CEO all get swept under the rug, for nothing can overshadow the greatness that is the Tesla.


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As a result, it’s a bizarre time to be a car enthusiast, especially a car enthusiast who is passionate about the future of electric cars. Traditional manufacturers like Jaguar have caught up, and are now building full-electric cars with better initial build quality, better performance, and better after-sales support from Tesla.

YouTube I-Pace Reviewer Runs Afoul of Tesla Fanatics

Teslarati are digging their heels in and burying their heads in the sand, which is quite bizarre behavior from the sort of folks who worship at the altar of technology. In short, these people claim to “[email protected]#$ing love science,” but deny anything that does not suit their narrative of Saint Elon reshaping the automotive landscape in his image.

Our advice? Watch Ped’s excellent, real-world review of the I-PACE, and ignore the comment section completely.

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