Jaguar I-PACE is the Electrified Future We All Deserve

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I-PACE offers the first real competition to the EV market monolith that is Tesla, and, boy, did Jaguar come out swinging.

It is a fascinating time in the world of automobiles. Slowly but surely, electric vehicles have entered the consumer market place, offering drivers a gasoline-free solution. While many manufacturers have thrown their hats into the ring, none have done so with more bravado than Tesla. Led by the enigmatic Elon Musk, Tesla has forced electric vehicles into the public conscience. As a result, everyone and their grandmother knows about E.V.s these days. That said, no other manufacturer, big or small, has really tried going to toe-to-toe with Tesla and its larger, upscale premium electric vehicles, until now.

This is the all-new Jaguar I-PACE. Not only is it Jaguar’s first ever electric vehicle, but it may well be the vehicle to finally take some of Tesla’s lunch money. Needless to say, all eyes are on Jaguar to see if the premium British automaker has nailed it with this mid-size SUV. 2018 2019 Jaguar I-PACE EV Electric Vehicle Review News Drive

Decoding the spec sheet

The Jaguar I-PACE has 1,329 pounds of lithium-ion batteries situated beneath the floor of the cabin. Those liquid-cooled batteries send 388 volts of juice to two permanent magnet synchronous motors. Jaguar claims these are the smoothest, most efficient electric motors available for an automotive application. There is one electric motor over each axle meaning this Jaguar has permanent four-wheel drive. Power output is a claimed 394 horsepower, and an impressive 512 lb-ft of torque.

The estimated range is 240 miles on a full charge, though, a Jaguar rep stated that some users have have done a touch over 270 miles out in the real world. Range anxiety is a thing of the past when charging times are also factored into the equation. Using a conventional garage outlet, the I-PACE charges from 0-80% (or about 200 miles of range) in just over 10 hours, and reaches a full state of charge from flat in just over 12 hours. Using a more modern 100 kW “quick charger,” an I-PACE at 0% charge can hit 80% in just 40 minutes. Jaguar states that they are developing a nationwide network of independent electricians who can install quick chargers in people’s homes at a reasonable price.

Pricing starts at $69,500 for the entry-level I-PACE S, and the top spec I-PACE HSE starts at $80,500. There is also an I-PACE First Edition ($85,900), pictured above, only available for 2019, which features additional bespoke goodies, like the gorgeous 22-inch wheels. All I-PACE models use the same electric powertrain. The distinction lies in the interior and exterior trim, wheel and tire package, and features list.

Experiencing the I-PACE

With the tech talk out of the way, it’s time to talk on a personal level. Jaguar flew me halfway across the Earth to experience the electrified future that begins with I-PACE. To that end, the Portuguese countryside became my playground for the week. It is here that I would be testing the I-PACE, on and off the road.
My first I-PACE experience is in a fully loaded I-PACE First Edition. The First Edition takes the top spec HSE model and adds bespoke interior trim and the optional 22-inch carbon fiber-insert ‘Style 5069’ wheels. Against the Photon Red paintwork, the I-PACE First Edition is striking. Passersby can’t help but stare. Don’t worry, you get used to it.
Right away the I-PACE stands out to me, and we haven’t even left the parking lot yet. The flush-mounted door handles extend out to reach your grasp. The doors open and close with an expensive sounding thunk. Inside, the I-PACE is adorned with the finest interior to ever grace an electric vehicle. I can already feel the rocky foundation beneath the Tesla throne begin to crumble. Jaguar’s Touch Pro Duo interface, with it’s dual screens, offers well-crafted touch button surfaces and a slick looking interface. Wrapped around that center command stack is a beautifully appointed interior with supple leather.

Although I-PACE is Jaguar’s first ever electric vehicle, it retains all the accoutrements, luxury and functionality one would expect from a modern Jaguar. So, is the I-PACE truly a no compromise every day luxury SUV?


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