2019 Jaguar I-PACE Interior: A Quick Glance

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Jaguar I-PACE offers fuel-free driving experience, but also a very comfortable interior to spend time in.

The Jaguar I-PACE is the brand’s first ever electric vehicle, though you wouldn’t know from looking at it, or sitting in it, or driving it. This is an extremely important vehicle in the consumer EV marketplace. It offers a true luxury EV experience and seems poised to dethrone Tesla as the de facto answer to the electric vehicle.

That said, this is a car that has to work well in all conditions, even the real world. If you want to read Jaguar Forums’ full review, click here. It’s worth the read. From the feedback we got from readers, you all wanted to know more about the interior of the I-PACE. After all, that’s where you spend your time when driving a car. So, let’s a take a quick glance at what the I-PACE is packing inside.

Inside the I-PACE

With a starting price of $69,500, one would expect the I-PACE to be pretty well equipped from the get-go, and it doesn’t disappoint. Open air motoring, from that massive panoramic glass in the roof, comes as standard. This allows a lot of natural lighting to come into the cabin.

While the panoramic glass is heavily tinted, the long, raked windshield has it’s own party tricks. Because that front glass is so large, it is acoustically laminated, and designed with a infrared reflective glass. This keeps wind noise and cabin temperatures down.

Luxtec sport seats, which use a synthetic leather, are standard. Bumping up from the standard I-PACE S, to the SE or HSE trims gives your leather. Beyond the material, the seat design is the same, and the thrones are quite comfortable. Again, jumping up to the SE or above affords seats that are able to be both heated or cooled.

Additionally, standard goodies, like dual zone climate control, and the slick-looking Touch Pro Duo infotainment system give the car an upscale vibe.

Touch Pro Duo

Jaguar’s Touch Pro Duo interface is a two-tiered infotainment system that is integrated into the ‘waterfall’ style center stack. The top screen is for all of your radio and entertainment controls, while the bottom element controls all of your HVAC needs, like the A/C. Also down there are your transmission controls with D, N, R and P, as well as the JaguarDrive control, and Adaptive Surface Response (AdSR), if you opt for an I-PACE SE trim or above.

Everything feels of nice quality. In particular, the air conditioning adjustment dials are very nice to the touch.

Speaking of quality materials, though our test car didn’t have it, an upgraded suede-cloth steering wheel is available for an extra $700. A leather-wrapped wheel is standard.

Meridian sound system

A Meridian sound system is standard on the I-PACE, though, for just $450 more, you can upgrade the standard system. Stereo power jumps from 380 watts to a massive 825 watt system. All of that juice is pumped through 15 speakers (11 is standard), and a lot of acoustics tech is thrown into that $450 price tag to ensure that regardless of where you are seated, the audio quality is truly excellent. That’s a box worth ticking.

The Touch Pro Duo interfact, in addition to housing the stellar stereo, is a pretty nice thing to operate. It’s laid out in such a way that using it while driving isn’t too tricky, and, while perhaps a bit slow to respond, offers good feedback when using the screen.

Storage and little known interior secrets

The center console is our last talking point on the I-PACE (for now), and it has a bit of a party trick that few likely know about. During our trip with the I-PACE, a casual dinner conversation took place with none other than Wayne Burgess, one of the designers who worked on the car. Burgess advised us to take a close look at the center console in the I-PACE. Due to the unique interior packaging an electric car platform offers, the center console of the I-PACE is much larger than an ordinary car. So large, in fact, that it can comfortably house two bottles of wine, laying down. Yes, really. We tested.

Inside that massive black expanse, which is lined with a soft velvet-like material, you can easily fit two bottles of win, laying down. Or, as the pictures show, every single electronic device you, your friends, and your family will ever have in the car. The I-PACE offers, we believe, eight different means of charging your preferred electronic devices. If your phone battery dies during the course of your I-PACE ownership, well, that would be your fault.

There it is, the full interior tour of the Jaguar I-PACE. Did we miss anything important that you all want to know about? Drop a comment down below. We will be watching for your comments, and answering them to the best of our abilities. Oh, and go test drive an I-PACE, they arrive on dealer’s lots later this year, and it’s experience worth experiencing.

Photography for Jaguarforums.com by Jake Stumph

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