Jaguar I-PACE SVR and Future Electric I-PACE Models to Come

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Jaguar I-PACE SVR Special Vehicle Operations

Jaguar I-PACE SVR could kick start I-PACE sub-brand of 100% electric vehicles.

After driving the Jaguar I-PACE, we came away with the impression that it really is the future of the automobile. The electric SUV offers all of the typical Jaguar personality, and an engaging drive (albeit, in a different way), while also being the sensible, sustainable, Green Earth option.

That said, it also left us wondering: what’s next? Jaguar has committed itself to electrification. To that end, the entire Jaguar line-up is poised to offer electrification of some sort by 2020. I-PACE, once people stop getting it confused with the not-yet-electric E-PACE, offers Jaguar great brand cache. It also leaves room for future models, with I-PACE as the jumping off point.

Think we’re off the mark? Well, Hanno Kirner, Jaguar Land Rover’s executive director, corporate and strategy, as well as head of the Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) was quoted by Autocar magazine as saying the following:

“We haven’t committed to anything, but we have begun evaluating what an electric SVR could offer and how we can make authentic SVR cars using the technology.

“The I-PACE has strong levels of speed, you could say, and there are technical additions that could make various project interesting projects for SVO. That includes fast SVR versions, but also perhaps extreme luxury SVA or off-road SVX models.”

How about them apples? As the Special Vehicle Operations continues to proliferate and diversify, new models, like the nutty SVX off-roaders, are no longer off the table. It’s only a matter of time until SVO turns their attention to the I-PACE. After all, the I-PACE eTrophy race car already exists. It’s not that much of the stretch to read between the lines and see that a high-performance variant of the I-PACE is on the way.


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Unsure about the fun factor or performance behind electric cars? Well, Kirner dropped some more juicy intel. This last bit is really worth paying attention to, as well. Kirner followed up his statements with this:

“Yes, we can make it do 0-60 miles per hour in 1.8 seconds,” Kirner said. “It’s a good headline, but once you’ve done it once or twice, and lost your eyes in the back of their sockets, you might not want to do it again.”

0-60 in just 1.8 seconds. Who else is ready for the electrified future? With Jag at the helm, it’s going to be a stellar ride.

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