‘Go I-PACE’ App Compares Your Car to the Jaguar EV

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Jaguar’s app calculates the cost of driving your vehicle, showing how much the I-PACE could save you.

Automakers are always talking about how much money you can save if you switched from a gasoline or diesel-powered to one of their electric vehicles, but Jaguar has gone one step further. The British automaker has developed an app that compares the cost of driving your current vehicle to the cost of driving the I-PACE on those same trips, using GPS location and real-time fuel prices to show how the luxury EV would save you money every day.

The video above from the Jaguar YouTube channel provides us with a quick look at how easily this software works.

Jaguar I-Pace Cruising

EV Savings

There are a great many financial benefits to buying an electric vehicle like the Jaguar I-PACE regardless of where in the world you live. In most cases, buying one will get you a nice tax deduction and in some cases, there are unique incentives on EVs that make them more affordable. In some areas of the world where there is annual taxation on vehicles, EVs are often exempt from those expenses and in areas where there are congestion charges, vehicles like the I-PACE get to drive for free.

Finally, in many urban areas, having an electric vehicle allows you to park for free and in many areas where they have carpool lanes, EV drivers can use those lanes without having a bunch of people in the car.

Jaguar Go I-Pace App 1

Those are all ways that buying an electric vehicle will save you money and really, those are all pretty simple to quantify. What is often hard to accurately value is how much you save when driving an EV rather than a vehicle with a combustion engine, but Jaguar has found a way to do just that.


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The Go I-PACE app from Jaguar is designed to show someone who is considering the electric luxury crossover how driving their gasoline- or diesel-powered costs them more than driving the sleek EV.

The app uses global position systems to measure average speed, elevation, air temperature and distance traveled while real-time data acquisition records the average cost of gasoline, diesel or electricity around those travel times. Once the driver inputs the fuel economy numbers of their gas or diesel vehicle, the app uses the other information to create a table that shows the cost of driving with each of the different fuel sources.

Jaguar Go I-Pace App 2

The information in the screenshots of the app above are in Euros, but we can see how the cost per mile, per week and per month vary from the electric I-PACE to a gasoline engine to a diesel engine. As you can see, the vehicles powered by combustion engines cost about three times as much as the I-Pace. Of course, that would vary based on where you drive and how you drive, but that is why this App was created. No longer will someone considering an EV have to wonder if it really is cheaper to drive on electric power, as the Go I-PACE app breaks down the costs of driving.

Finally, if you end up buying an I-PACE, the app continues to be helpful, providing range information and other key data that will be helpful to someone living with the Jaguar EV.

Go I-PACE is only currently available for Apple users, but it should arrive for Android users as well in the near future.

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