Jaguar I-PACE Reels in Tesla Model S 75D in Electric Car Drag Race

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The Jaguar I-PACE is cheaper, heavier, and significantly less powerful than the Tesla Model S 75D. But it’s still faster.

We already know that the Jaguar I-PACE is quick. The legendary British automaker’s very first all-electric offering may look like a crossover, but it accelerates more like a sports car. Credit the wonders of battery power, the same source of motivation that’s made the Tesla Model S P100D the world’s quickest accelerating production vehicle. And while the I-PACE obviously isn’t going to do 0-60 in 2.5-seconds, it also doesn’t cost $120k+.

However, the Model S 75D shares more comparable specs with the Jaguar I-PACE. Thus, Top Gear decided to line these two EVs up against each other for a good old fashioned drag race. But there are some notable differences between these two otherwise similar offerings.

Jaguar I-Pace

For starters, the Tesla makes significantly more horsepower than the Jag, 518 versus 394. But the Jag makes a lot more torque, 512 lb-ft compared to 387. The Tesla is much lighter, however, weighing in at 4,647 pounds versus the Jag’s portly 5,125.


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Thus, the Tesla does 0-60 slightly quicker, 4.2-seconds compared to 4.5 for the Jag. But can the I-PACE make up some ground over the course of a quarter mile? Well, yes. As expected, the Tesla leaps off the line notably quicker than the Jaguar, giving up a full car length in the first 60 feet. But then the Jaguar I-PACE really comes to life.

Jaguar I-Pace

It isn’t long before the Jag reels in the Tesla and simply motors away from it. It’s a somewhat surprising result, but not totally unexpected. Once the Jag overcomes its weight deficit, it uses that massive torque advantage to take home the win.

Throw in the fact that the Jaguar I-PACE is roughly $5k cheaper, and it just rubs salt in the wound of Tesla fanboys everywhere!

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