Jaguar XJR 575 Still Stands Out in Crowded Luxury Field

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The current XJ is in its 9th year of production. But opt for the Jaguar XJR 575, and you won’t notice.

In terms of automobiles, the Jaguar XJ is decidedly ancient with a current 9-year production run. But thus far, Jaguar has done a fine job of updating it with additional power, a gorgeous interior, and even a modern infotainment system and active safety gear. But the newly refreshed Jaguar XJR 575 faces some stiff competition from the Germans. Buyers are certainly not without choices in this upper echelon of luxury, so we’re left with a simple question: why buy one?

Well, fret not, because MOTOR1 US is here to answer that question for us in the new video. And despite the advanced age of the platform on which it’s built, there are plenty of reasons to like the Jaguar XJR 575. “Now it’s old,” our host notes. “But it’s no less awesome. Packing 575 horsepower in its most potent form.”

Jaguar XJR 575

It’s also quite the looker. “The 9-year old design has aged well. Looking just as fresh and modern as as when it was first introduced,” our host notes. When it comes to storage space, however, this large sedan certainly needs an upgrade. Both the trunk and center console are taxed for space, leaving you little room for your gear. There is, however, plenty of room for passengers. Which is what you’d expect in the full-size luxury sedan segment.


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Ditto on the inside, where “the leather work is fantastic,” along with the chrome and piano black trim. All the goodies you’d expect are there, from heated and ventilated seats to sunshades. The infotainment system is “easy to live with” and responsive. And above all, the Jaguar XJR 575 is “easy to drive every day. And the ride is impeccable.”

Jaguar XJR 575

Add in some serious presence and prominence, and it’s easy to see why the old school XJ is still keeping up with the Germans. If you’re looking for a powerful yet comfortable vessel, you’d be hard pressed to do any better.

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