Jaguar I-Pace Takes on Tesla Model X in Drag Race

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World’s quietest drag race aims to find the fastest EV SUV on the planet. And the results are quite surprising.

There’s no question that we’re just starting to see the fruits of automaker’s EV focus. But for the most part, pretty much all major manufacturers have struggled to catch up with market disrupter Tesla. The brainchild of eccentric boss Elon Musk has done what few have managed to do in the course of history. And that’s break into a highly competitive industry with a high ceiling of entry and succeed. But now, a new and very real threat to Tesla’s reign has emerged – the Jaguar I-Pace.

Jaguar’s first all-electric vehicle is brand new on the scene, but it’s already making major waves. It comes with adequate range, plenty of power, a luxurious interior, and real-world practicality. And did we mention it’s priced lower than the Tesla Model X SUV? There’s just one thing left to decide, then. Which of these all-electric ‘utes is faster in a straight line? The Tesla, after all, sports the famed Ludicrous mode and blazingly quick acceleration.

Jaguar I-Pace

To figure out which EV SUV is the current king of the hill, YouTuber carwow lined up the Jaguar I-Pace against both flavors of Tesla’s Model X – the 100D and P100D. On paper, the 400 hp Jag matches up favorably against the 525 hp 100D, despite the power disadvantage. Because it’s lighter, the I-Pace does 0-60 a tenth of a second faster, in fact. Plus, it’s twenty grand cheaper.

To make things interesting (and satisfy Tesla fanboys), the crew also brings in a P100D for good measure. This hotter Model X pumps out 772 hp and does 0-60 nearly two seconds faster than the I-Pace or 100D.

Jaguar I-Pace

So how does this all-electric experiment pan out? Well, pretty much like you would expect. The P100D trounces both competitors by a country mile while ripping off an 11.4-second pass. But the I-Pace handily outruns the much more expensive 100D in the world’s quietest drag race. Jag’s crossover does the quarter mile in 12.8-seconds, while the Tesla manages to do it in 13.2.

The main takeaway? If you want the fastest EV SUV on the market, the P100D is your ticket. But it’ll cost you twice as much as the slightly slower Jaguar I-Pace, which is actually quite the budget speedster!

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