Jaguar Preps Launch of Ingenium Straight-Six Engine Line

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Jaguar-Land Rover just announced they’re developing a new 3.0L Ingenium straight-six cylinder engine range, which should be ready for release in 2017. Jaguar has been on a mission to evolve their brand into a major contender in the luxury market, ever since their acquisition from TATA years ago. They’re focused on enhancing design language, enlarging the lineup, crafting the next generation infotainment system, and now powering those new vehicles with a most-sophisticated powertrain.

CAR magazine, who got the lowdown from Jaguar-Land Rover about the new engine details, says the Ingenium will be a solo-turbocharged, aluminum 3.0-liter straight-six cylinder in a diesel or gas variant, like its four-cylinder sibling. It’ll be built at the same famous assembly plant as the four-banger as well, in Wolverhampton.

Jaguar says the straight engine complements a rear-drive construction and also harkens back to how Jaguars originally felt. The new Ingenium straight-sixes will be lighter, more efficient, and more powerful than the existing V6s. Across the lineup, standard Ingenium engine tech will include direct fuel injection, camshaft roller bearings, exhaust cam phasing, variable geometry turbocharging, plus ECU controlled oil and water pumps.

The straight-sixes will be offered in a total of six variants: three diesel and three petrol. Similar to how they differentiate models today throughout their lineup with multiple stages of advancing luxury and power, Jag will offer levels from 275 HP in a diesel model to 500 HP in their top petrol model, which has R  written all over it.

Look out for the Ingenium six-cylinder engine to be in dealerships by 2017 in a wide array of models. Jaguar-Land Rover is planning on this six-cylinder to be the meat and potatoes of the lineup, so look for it in almost every new model next year, from the XE, to the XF, to the F-Pace to the Moab-going Land Rovers.

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