Can You Handle a Jaguar F-Type R on Ice?

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jaguar ice driving experience

Annually, Jaguar-Land Rover entertain automotive aficionados for a two-day extreme winter driving program referred to as the Ice Driving Experience. One of Jaguar-Land Rover’s winter testing stations is in Arjeplog, Sweden, a fitting backdrop of the 2017 Jaguar Ice Driving Experience.

The last couple of years, JLR’s Ice event has been in Switzerland, with epic terrain readily available to teach ice and snow low-grip driving. Moving the IDE to Sweden adds travel time, yet driving at the Arctic Circle’s edge has advantages in displaying a vehicle’s driving characteristics. Arjeplog is a better choice. It is a more challenging environment, which helps drivers gain more skill while learning about the outstanding athleticism of Jaguars in cold climates, and the safety of AWD in dangerous conditions.

Highlighted throughout Jaguar ads for the 2017 event is their F-Type R AWD model, as it will be the go-to test module for the IDE’s daily routine. But there are apparently other AWD Jaguar-Land Rover vehicles on-hand as well, which leads me on to think the F-Pace is a sure thing. Maybe even the Land Rover Discovery, which competes, but is engineered differently.

Events like this highlight special qualities not tested on a daily basis, yet are required in emergencies. So if you’re planning on making a reservation, jump over to Jaguar’s site to get updates for the next available opening.

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