Function or Fashion? Oliver Sweeney and Jaguar Co-Create Shoes

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Oliver Sweeney Footwear and Jaguar Motorcars have linked up to collaborate on lifestyle driving shoes that are specifically engineered to benefit drivers. Did they succeed? Let’s see.

In the last decade, shoe companies have connected with automakers and racing divisions to create everyday shoes that replicate racetrack shoes. Oliver Sweeney isn’t shooting for racetrack replicas, their everyday shoes are created to exemplify the beauty of Jaguar throughout the day, while on foot. It’s a blend of attention to Jaguar craftsmanship, British-comfort, and that wondrously attractive, sleek styling.


Some features may seem a bit extreme, like fire-proofing, ratcheting lock straps, velcro tightening, full-length carbon-fiber soles, or super high-tops. But the chief cobbler also incorporated some racing shoe features, like a stiff upper, flexible lower, breathability, and a form of rolled or shaved-heel for a proper pivot point.

The first two shoes — Weslake, after the engine designer, and Sayer, after the winning driver — were inspired by performance and comfort. Sweeney Footwear says the Weslake/Sayer is constructed with lightweight honeycomb, super flexible, soft in-sole, and a chamfered-heel for quick-hammering down. Another shoe is the lush Dewis, a loafer/moccasin with a slim profile, light construction, and soft bespoke materials. The Dewis carbon fiber model is superbly strong for its class of shoe, and flexible for conforming to pedals.

After researching the styling and tech, these appear to be fashion at its finest, with a nod to racetrack engineering. For the price, there are better performing shoes, but you won’t find this class from many.

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