Extreme Jaguar XE Driving Tests by “Nasty Girl” Review Team

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nasty girl jaguar

Extreme testing by auto journalists does happen, although it’s rarely documented. But this Russian team makes their living at it, and here’s their test video of the Jaguar XE. The thrash-testing is just a piece of their thorough review of the vehicle, which also includes a bit of history, manufacturing, brand image, sales numbers, and even pitfalls. YouTube’s sub-titles are garbage, and it’s hard to understand, but the graphics and production quality lead you on a Jaguar XE ride you’ll want to strap in for.

After the tight introduction, the hostess, who apparently goes by “Nasty Girl,” heads over to the Jaguar XE test vehicle painted in a Dark Sapphire Blue. She does a thorough walk-around, pointing out lighting and design cues, then orients you to the styling with great zoom out angles that help us to see the piece within the whole shape. Great close-ups of the new headlight cluster!

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The interior inspection is just as detailed, with wide-angles and zoom-ins of what “Nasty Girl” is describing. My favorite part of the whole video is when she first sits down in the driver’s seat and shifts side-to-side as if to simulate taking G-Forces. A true sporting driver and pro auto reviewer. She also tries out all of the compartments and buttons, which I find to be the common unturned rock of most reviews in modern society.

Besides “Nasty Girl,” the main reason to sit through all the jazzy graphical entertainment is to get the closed course driving tests. Their pro driver on staff is a beast of a rally driver. About six minutes in, they execute the slalom test which the Jaguar XE handles phenomenally. Watch as he tosses “Nasty Girl” and the XE sideways — the perfectly balanced alloy package catches the drift, settles, gets grip, and darts through the course. It’s quality entertainment, no matter what language you speak.

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