Where’s Shmee? Euro Tour Visits Arden Tuning HQ

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YouTube personality Shmee150 started an ongoing video column, “Where’s Shmee,” which tours bespoke tuning companies. For this stop, as you can see in the video below, he visits Arden Performance.

This episode also doubles as a museum and product showroom. Shmee doesn’t go too deeply into the company’s story, though he does dive into bit of Arden history, from the antique vehicles on display to a high speed shakedown of the 650-hp Arden-Jaguar 23 (AJ23) F-Type R.

Real consumer report videos on YouTube like this are the most valuable points-of-view on the internet. Knowing a source is knowledgeable and experienced enough to tell you if a design is going to be a hit is invaluable. And Shmee has the money, time, and determination to research the finest products. He’s certainly crafted a fine taste for quality workmanship.

Of particular note in this episode is just how clean the red carbon fiber paneling turned out inside the AJ23’s cabin. Another nifty bit is the James Bond look of the exhaust mode modulation button, which allows for valve control fitted into an unoccupied button in the factory cluster. Another one is the blacked-out ‘Leaper’ moniker on the hood, which harkens back to the romantic days of the E-Types.

Beautiful work, don’t you think?

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