Xcentric Exhaust Systems Release Canons for Jaguar XE

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Xcentric Exhaust’s newest Jaguar XE system sounds murderously good, piping out blasting claps from the Ingenium engine’s thunderous explosions. When I first read about the Ingenium gasoline and diesel turbocharged four-cylinder engine on the Jaguar site, I never imagined it could sound so smooth and raspy, like a master-tuned race motor. Hearing low output Jaguar motors from the past, like older X-Types, just sound weak in comparison. Now hearing and seeing this XE shows that this Jaguar’s engineering has clearly elevated back to an elite level.

Four-cylinder engines are referred to as four-bangers for a reason. Their harsh sound is far from a more constant humming six or eight cylinder. Xcentric takes that sound to the next level with electronic valving control in their exhaust system. The algorithms mated to the ECU computer are top flight. My ears can hear their designers and engineers definitely know how they want the end result to sound.

Xcentric’s attention to detail, company image, and variety of products makes one feel comfortable buying in. Just have a look on their website at the smooth bends and finish of the piping. Beautiful oval tips with a meaty sound!

And if you’re an F-Type owner already looking to buy an XE as a commuter car and want to tune both vehicles using the same modification company, then Xcentric is your ticket. They already build an exhaust for the F-Type, so you can test the waters to see if their performance will suffice for your daily driving XE. Xcentric tests show boosts in power, while reducing weight. It all adds up to a smart package worth trying out.

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