Piecha Design House: German-Tuned Jaguar F-Type

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Established German tuning house Piecha is known for their expertise with Mercedes-Benz. But recently, Piecha began offering speed parts for Jaguar F-Types. No doubt, their affinity for German engineering translates well to the Jaguar F-Type.

After 35-plus years of tuning experience, Piecha has instituted a distinctive feel and look. Their brand design language is clear, including a well-crafted comprehensive line for the F-Type. Get your kitty moving slippier in the wind with aero bits, which help it purr a little deeper too. All products are accredited by TUV, which should help you feel comfortable bolting parts on at home, or with the help of a speed shop.

For the entire F-Type line, Piecha makes available aero parts, such as front bumper wing cups, bigger side skirts lined with LED puddle lights, a massive static rear wing, or a sexy little lip spoiler. The V6 and V8 models both have special lower rear diffusers depending on whether you have a dual or quad exhaust. Any of the aero kit parts mated with any of their two styles of wheels just enhance the factory look.

Finally, if you’re feeling the passion for more, Piecha does offer an ECU flash for a bump in power as well as modified exhaust tips for a punchy purr. Piecha knows you’ll need to plant more power when you add more kick, so they’ve produced sports lowering springs. They say the adaptive dampening system works aces with their springs and rates.

So what are you waiting for? Start your modding tonight.

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