Spires Jaguar Tuning: a Gentleman’s Performance Specialist

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Spires Tuning is a specialized U.K. speed garage developing Jaguar performance parts. They’ve also been a home for motorsport preparation for over 20 years.

Handling racecars and other competition vehicles like BMWs and Porsches returns a gain in knowledge needed for elite technologies to assemble winning products. This knowledge has been transcribed passionately into their componentry, software tuning products, chassis, and suspension calibrations. But they’re a British tuning house, and they’re crazy about modifying British cars. Indeed, Spires tunes all sorts of Jaguars.

From the five car lineup of vehicles on their website, clearly the meat and potatoes is the XF/XFR and XK/XKR. A supreme batch of parts include lowering suspension, performance tweaked ECU, grippy brake discs, and the pinnacle of their product line, exhaust systems. Purely UK built with #304 stainless steel, the pipes are equipped with an active valve system, which has the most class of any system I’ve heard in awhile — low around town and deep in the country. They do offer some suspension and ECU packages for the S-Type, X-Type and XJ, but no exhaust systems.

Spires is always looking for new ideas, so get on it and start writing them about the F-Type!

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