Jaguar XKR: Killer Used Car Deal or Guaranteed Money Pit?

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Jaguar’s XKR isn’t the best car in its class and most certainly not the cheapest to run, but you’ll still want one.

It’s been a few years since the mighty Jaguar XKR ceased production. As a result, you can find these supercharged, 510 hp grand touring machines for very attractive prices today. This is a machine that still looks every bit as good now as it did years ago, and it’s undoubtedly a comfortable and well-optioned cruiser.

But even though you can pick up a nice used Jaguar XKR for pennies on the original dollar, should you? That’s a question that YouTuber High Peak Autos set out to answer in this very informative video.

Jaguar XKR

Our host laments a little bit about the many shared and cheap bits on the interior of his big cat. But that’s pretty much the brunt of his complaints. And you tend to forget about all that stuff when you smash to go pedal.


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“It’s so quick, this car” our host says. “The funny thing is, you find yourself driving it like a district nurse because something like this, it’s just too much. It’s 100 horsepower more than you need.” Not so sure that we agree with that last bit, but we do admit the Jaguar XKR doesn’t lack for power.

And the blown V8 sure makes pleasing sounds, too. “That burbling sound, and then you get to the whine of the supercharger. You would just never tire of that,” our host admits. It sounds so good, in fact, that the fancy high-end stereo just isn’t needed.

A later model, low-mile Jaguar XKR like our test subject will cost a little more cash, so is all of that worth it? Well, according to our host, yes. “They’re expensive to run, expensive to maintain, expensive to insure,” he notes. “But you won’t care. You’re buying it for this noise and that performance. Even though it’s not the best and any sane, sensible person would pick something else, I want one.”

And after watching this review, we must say, so do we.

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