JLR Combining Both Brands While Virtually Enhancing Dealership Experience

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Personally speaking, I have a fear of vertigo, so I haven’t gotten into virtual reality. But apparently, if I want to get the full Jaguar-buying experience, I’m going to have to get over that.

Jaguar Land Rover has been busy rethinking their whole dealership experience, and part of that will involve the use of virtual reality, as highlighted in a recent AutoWeek story. Say you want to get a feel for the interior of a model that’s not in the store yet, or you want to envision certain color combos; well, you can actually see how virtual reality would help.

Which is cool and all, but to me, the bigger part of AutoWeek‘s story has more to do with this sentence: “Jaguar Land Rover is converting dealerships to its new arch store design that houses both of its brands, as well as developing a way to connect online and in-store shopping.”

JLR’s arch stores are already beginning to pop up, with the first one now open in Darien, Connecticut. Then we’ll see the like in Manhattan, Honolulu, Fairfield, Connecticut, and Grand Rapids, Michigan. And there’s 100-plus projects in various stages of arching as we speak, according to JLR North American CEO, Joe Eberhardt.

Jaguars and Land Rovers (and Range Rovers) being sold under the same arching roof just makes sense. So much so, that it’s surprising this is just happening now. Right?

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